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Have you ever received a present that you were excited about while it was in the box, but once you opened it up you were disappointed? Yes, sometimes the box is better than what’s inside.

People are the same way. You see someone on-line or in a bar, maybe some friends set you up on a blind date, and the package looks pretty good. But then as you get to know that person and start peeling away the paper it was better before you started opening it up.

Getting back to that present analogy, sometimes you can tell by the size of the box or by shaking it that you aren’t going to like what you find inside. With people there are some obvious clues as to what’s under the wrapper. If they seem angry early on, chances are you’re getting an angry person. If they are late for that first date, maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s a sign they will always be late. If their clothes don’t match and that bothers you, beware. Someone dumb rarely gets smarter.

However, there’s another side to this for all of you wandering through the shallow pool. Sometimes the box that looked like a dud has something pretty great inside.

Wouldn’t you just kick yourself for throwing away a diamond?

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